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We're in the business of bringing people together.

Over the phone, in person, on video and beyond, our innovations bridge the gap across all communication channels. We give everyone a voice, all around the globe, in over 300 languages.

We bring people together
Language Services Experts
subject matter experts 

Our team boasts over 40 years of combined experience in the language services industry.

Our experts have spearheaded avant-garde language solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand, collaborating with esteemed organisations such as Telstra, Optus, Bupa, Red Energy, Lumo Energy, Alinta Energy, Origin Energy, and New Zealand Government, just to name a few.


We understand the challenges.

In today’s multicultural landscape, organisations across Australia and New Zealand face the complex challenge of effectively communicating with a diverse populace.

A substantial slice of our society, encompassing nearly a third of the population in Australia and New Zealand, hails from environments where English is not the predominant language. This community engages in dialogue across a myriad of languages, with Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Punjabi emerging as the foremost languages spoken at home beyond English.

Every individual, irrespective of their linguistic background, is entitled to an equitable customer experience. It underscores the crucial need for a seasoned language services ally. This is where The Hello Co. steps in.

We understand the challenges
Great customer experiences in over 315 languages

We deliver great customer experiences in 315+ languages.

In the realm of customer service, nothing speaks louder than excellence. For your organisation to truly thrive, it's imperative to bridge the communication gap by speaking directly to your customers in their language of choice.

By seamlessly integrating our language solutions into your service framework, we guarantee a consistently positive and enriching experience for all your customers, every time they connect with your organisation.

Our commitment is to be your trusted partner in fostering supportive, professional relationships with your migrant customers, ensuring your organisation shines.

Why Working with Us Makes Good Sense

It's good for compliance with industry standards & best practice.

Partnering with a business that can help you speak to your customer in their language protects all parties in terms of risk.

An independent language services partner should be mandatory for businesses that operate regulated market sectors.



It ensures vulnerable people are protected.

An independent language services partner protects your business and your migrant customers in conversations relating to money, housing, social welfare, mental health and healthcare.

Our interpreters have been in your customers' position. They have lived their reality. This should give you piece of mind that your business is being served by people who genuinely understand the migrant customer experience.

Vulnerable Consumers


It removes risk as an LSP operates at arms-length from your customer operations.

A language services provider operates at arms-length from your business meaning total impartiality in every conversation.

Removing risk should be a priority for every business today. That's why partnering with an ISO Certified language services provider that is independent should be a critical component of your customer care framework.



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What makes us tick?

What makes us tick

Our Values

Our team members are not just familiar with our principles; they personify them, becoming the living essence of The Hello Co.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Our team live and breathe "customer". It's in our DNA.
We're truly customer first.
Truth Speaking

Truth Speaking

We have the hard conversations so everyone knows where they stand.



Our agility in adapting to market shifts makes us an ideal partner.

Always Relevant

Always Relevant

We strive to fully grasp your immediate and future customer needs.



Your success and satisfaction is our priority, just as much as our own.


Meet The Team

Our team embodies a diverse range of skilled individuals, all deeply aligned with our core company values.

United under a singular vision, our collective mission is to deliver unparalleled outcomes for our clients, ensuring every interaction is nothing short of exceptional.

Jacqui Gigliotti
Jacqui Gigliotti
Head of Customer Success
& Customer Operations
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas
Head of Technical Operations
& Support
Michelle Gigliotti
Michelle Gigliotti
Head of Finance, HR
& Payroll
Luke Tanner
Luke Tanner
TechOps Development
& Support Specialist
Graeme Killeen
Graeme Killeen
Senior TechOps Development
& SQL Specialist
Jeremy Adams
Jeremy Adams
Customer Success &
Customer Operations Specialist
Jade Sargent
Jade Sargent
Customer Success &
Customer Operations Specialist
Jane Winter
Jane Winter
Senior Quality Assurance
Lisa Yen
Lisa Yen
Translation & Localisation

Our Language Practitioner Workforce

Over 3,500 NAATI qualified Interpreters and Translators across Australia and New Zealand partner with us to assist migrant communities live meaningful lives.

"Very well organised!"

“This business is very polite, warm and has friendly and professional staff. 

I must say the business is very well organised and I really enjoy working for them. 

God bless The Hello Co.”

Gay Mendoza
Spanish Interpreter

"Highly recommended"

“I work for The Hello Co. as a Vietnamese interpreter. The staff are very professional, efficient and do care very much about the interpreters.

I feel appreciated and valued while working them them. 

I would highly recommend this company to anyone”.

Trucy Nguyen
Vietnamese Interpreter

"Proud to work with The Hello Co."

“The Hello Co. provides reliable and trustworthy language services to help a wide range of communities in Australia and New Zealand.

I am proud to be a part of this team”.

Lee Ping Chin
Mandarin Interpreter

"Just awesome 👍"

“I am a Cantonese speaking interpreter at The Hello Co. I have been working for this business for some time now.

I would like to say thanks to all the staff in the business because they help, understand and assist when needed.

They are an awesome team. I enjoy working for them a lot.”

Karen Wong
Cantonese Interpreter

"A pleasure to work with the team"

“I’ve been working for The Hello Co. for more than 4 years as a telephone interpreter. It has been a great pleasure to work with them as they are caring, professional, and supportive. That made my job so much easier.

Highly recommend to interpreters, businesses and clients from all ethnic backgrounds.”

Minjae Kim
Korean Interpreter

"Best company to work for"

“It is one of the best companies I have worked for as an interpreter, particularly in providing assistance to the Arabic community.

It consists of a great work environment that is respectful and conducted in a professional manner."

Huda Ibrahim
Arabic Interpreter

"A loyal company"

“The Hello Co. is very loyal to its interpreters.

They work incredibly hard to maintain cordial and warm relationships”

Rosalba Drummond
Italian Interpreter

"Such a great vibe."

“I love working with team at The Hello Co.

Great vibe and very pleasant people to work with.

Professional atmosphere too”

Yasmeen Abusara
Arabic Interpreter

Our Trusted Partners

We work with market leaders in their respective fields to deliver best in class multilingual solutions for every channel.

These partners include:

  • Contact Centre Solution Integrators
  • Digital Communication Platform Providers
  • Cloud Infrastructure Partners
  • AI NMT Localisation Partners
  • Cyber Security Partners
Giving Indigenous Communities a Voice

Helping Indigenous Communities have a voice.

Language is essential to the wellbeing, culture and identity of First Nations and Torres Strait Islander people. It is an important part of their heritage. It's how they connect to country and helps them express their unique views.

In fact, there are around 250 First Nations and Torres Strait Islander languages still being spoken today.

To assist our clients, we've made a commitment to support First Nations languages in addition to Australia's migrant community languages. This is offered through our own First Nations Connect Program to help Indigenous Communities access language support when needing to speak with essential service providers.



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