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Telco Executives want to empower migrant customers with the ability to Inform, Convert and Resolve. This is critical. But they want to do this whilst achieving economies of scale at a lower cost.  

To accomplish this, they employ The Hello Co.

Telco - Challenge
The problem clients face

The Challenge

In today's fast-evolving telco sector, it's essential to empower customers with self-service options for convenience and autonomy. This trend not only meets consumer demands but also drives operational efficiency and cost reduction, allowing telcos to focus on innovation and competitive pricing.

Achieving this balance requires understanding customer needs and best practice in service design. This need is even more amplified when serving migrant customers.

how we fix it

The Solution

Telco leaders turn to The Hello Co. for swift and effective language support, ensuring their Customer Care teams are equipped to resolve customer issues at first contact, every single time.

Our commitment is to provide a seamless and customised experience for both our clients and their customers, by offering around-the-clock, high-quality language assistance, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Telco - Solution
Telco  - Result
outcomes we deliver

The Results

Our clients and their customers have witnessed a transformative change in their ability to swiftly connect with interpreters fluent in over 315 languages, leading to a remarkable decrease in wait times. This enhancement in service efficiency not only reduced the rate of call abandonment but also fostered an increase in positive customer feedback, thanks to our rigorous quality assurance efforts. Above all, our clients have realised substantial financial benefits, liberating significant funds for reinvestment into their core services.

For the distinguished brands we serve, the tangible outcomes are nothing short of impressive, including an 87% enhancement in connection speeds and a 38% reduction in operational costs. These metrics underscore our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service, ensuring our partners achieve their business objectives while providing unparalleled support to their diverse customer base.


Numbers that Sealed the Deal

Connect time to an interpreter

0 secs

Connect time to an interpreter

Requests serviced on demand


All requests serviced on demand



Savings on an annualised basis

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Where We Work

Trusted by some of the biggest telco retailers across Australia and New Zealand to give their migrant customers a voice.

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