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Why work with us?

We empower our workforce with independence and autonomy, whilst allowing them to pursue their passion - assisting migrants in our diverse communities lead inclusive lives.

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embrace your calling

So much more than just 'interpreting' or 'translating'.

As an interpreter or translator, you do more than translate words—you connect worlds. Your skills give a voice to those who struggle in English, transforming their lives by unlocking access to vital services and opportunities.

Whether it's aiding a refugee to adapt, helping a patient communicate with healthcare providers, or enabling a student to thrive academically, your role is pivotal. Your work not only breaks down language barriers but also fosters cultural inclusivity and understanding, making linguistic diversity a cause for celebration.

Being an interpreter or translator is a calling that significantly impacts lives, promoting a more connected, inclusive society.

Embrace your calling
Telephone Interpreters
we're different

An alternative to traditional jobs.

Working with us offers a flexible earning opportunity. It’s a great alternative to being an onsite interpreter. Or maybe you’re already an onsite interpreter and want to supplement your income by becoming a remote interpreter with us.

Our interpreters and translators who work with us are from all backgrounds and industries, setting their own schedule to make work fit into their lives, not the other way around.

We offer opportunities in all major cities in Australia, New Zealand and Japan as the vast majority of work is undertaken remotely by phone and video. We are always looking to recruit onsite interpreters as well in all major cities across Australia and New Zealand.

money matters

Estimated Earnings.

We estimate earnings using the base rate we offer multiplied by the total number of hours worked. Total hours is derived by calculating the number of minutes worked across all assignments on a weekly basis. 

In addition to base earnings, we offer special incentives for efficiency as well as loadings for rare languages.


the benefits.

Why partner with us?

Whether you want to work morning, afternoons, evenings or weekends, the choice is yours.

Set your own hours

Set your own hours.

Ditch the 9-to-5 grind and take control of your schedule. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, work on your terms and tailor your workload to suit your lifestyle.

Get paid fortnightly

Get paid fortnightly.

Every two weeks, we transfer your earnings into your account, along with a Statement of Services that details all tasks you've completed during that payment cycle.

We're here for you

We're here for you.

Whatever you needs may be, we're here to help. Reach us by phone, email, or chat. For 24/7 assistance, engage with us via chat in our exclusive Facebook Community.

what we need from our workforce

Minimum Requirements.

To sign up, you need to have a current language qualification, access to technology including a mobile device which has reliable network coverage and a laptop or desktop which is supported by reliable data speeds. Requirements vary by country according to local laws, regulations and best practice standards mandated by our industry.

See requirements for becoming a member of our language workforce.



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