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Let's talk about                      Government & Citizen Services

Government Executives want to ensure essential citizen services are widely accessible to all community groups. 

To accomplish this, they employ The Hello Co.

Government & Citizen Services
Government - Challenge
The problem clients face

The Challenge

The growing diversity of populations in Australia and New Zealand presents a significant communication challenge for Government & Public Sector Executives.

The ability to engage with community members, irrespective of the language they speak, is a critical success factor in delivery of equitable citizen engagement service delivery. 

At the core of all public sector and government customer service frameworks is the to ensure equitable access to essential services - this can be complex given the disparity across how government agencies and departments use language services.


how we fix it

The Solution

Government  & Public Sector Executives employ The Hello Co. to deliver rapid language support at the point of need ensuring members of migrant communities can access language support - every single time.

We deliver a faster, tailored experience for our clients and their customers ensuring high quality language support is available 24/7/365. 

Government - The Solution
Government - Result
outcomes we deliver

The Results

Our clients have witnessed a transformation in how citizens access vital services, now available in over 315 languages, coupled with a remarkable reduction in the time it takes to connect with interpreters. This advancement not only signifies our commitment to inclusivity but also highlights our efficiency in service delivery. Most notably, our approach has led to substantial financial advantages for our clients.

For those we've partnered with, the results are concrete and quantifiable. They've seen an 87% enhancement in connection speeds and a 38% decrease in operational costs. These achievements underscore our dedication to providing solutions that are both innovative and supportive, while maintaining the professionalism and trustworthiness our clients have come to expect from us.


Numbers that Sealed the Deal

Connect time to an interpreter

0 secs

Connect time to an interpreter

Requests serviced on demand


All requests serviced on demand



Savings on an annualised basis

customer success

Where We Work

We partner with some of Australia and New Zealand's biggest government agencies including: 

Australian Federal Police
South Australian Government
Queensland Government

Interested to learn how we can help?