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Justice & Enforcement 

Justice & Enforcement Executives want to deliver greater value
by delivering responsive customer and employee experiences.

To accomplish this, they employ The Hello Co.

Justice & Law Enforcement
Justice_Enforcement - Challenge
The problem clients face

The Challenge

Executives from Justice & Law Enforcement Agencies understand that effective communication is critical for ensuring public safety, building community trust, and upholding justice.

However, there are multiple challenges these executives must navigate when it comes to migrants who speak another language other than English. Such complexities include access to timely language support, maintaining confidentiality, privacy and sensitivity, compliance and cultural awareness.

Overcoming such challenges can be difficult due to skills shortages, inadequate language vendor support or poor reliability.

how we fix it

The Solution

Justice & Law Enforcement Executives employ The Hello Co. to deliver rapid language support at the point of need ensuring their front line workers can support migrants in their own language. This ensures accurate and timely communication -  every single time.

We deliver a faster, tailored experience for our clients and their customers ensuring high quality language support is available 24/7/365. 

Justice - Solution
Justice_Enforcement - Result
outcomes we deliver

The Results

Our clients experienced significantly shorter wait times to be connected to interpreters across 315 languages. Most importantly, our clients achieved significant cash releasing benefits. 

For the organisations below, all have realised material, measurable benefits including an 87% improvement in connect times and a 38% reduction in costs.


Numbers that Sealed the Deal

Connect time to an interpreter

0 secs

Connect time to an interpreter

Requests serviced on demand


All requests serviced on demand



Savings on an annualised basis

customer success

Where We Work

We collaborate closely with Enforcement Agencies ensuring those most vulnerable in the community can be heard.

Australian Federal Police
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