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Jade Sargent

Jade works as our Customer Operations Specialist and is the primary point of contact for all customer service enquiries.
Jade Sargent





Job Title

Customer Operations Specialist

Years of Experience



Linkedin: Jade Sargent


My Story

Prior to joining The Hello Co, Jade worked for Probe and Serco where she was one of the daily points of contact for all customer service enquiries for government clients.



Jade currently serves as a critical member of our customer operations team at The Hello Co. In this pivotal role, Jade stands as the primary point of contact, adeptly navigating the complex landscape of customer service inquiries.

Before her auspicious tenure at The Hello Co, Jade honed her considerable skills at notable establishments such as Probe and Serco, where she was responsible for daily addressing and resolving the multifaceted inquiries of government clients. This rich tapestry of experience has not only refined Jade's expertise but also imbued her with a deep understanding of the nuanced needs of diverse clientèle.

Within The Hello Co, Jade's role transcends the conventional boundaries of customer support. She is entrusted with engaging the company's valued clients on an ongoing basis. Jade's day-to-day responsibilities are vast and varied, encompassing every conceivable aspect of client service. From fielding general service inquiries with alacrity to meticulously scheduling and assimilating client feedback, Jade's contributions are indispensable to maintaining The Hello Co's stellar reputation for exceptional service.


Fun facts about Jade

Spirit Animal Crocodile
Star Sign Capricorn
Ruling Planet Saturn
Ethnicity Australian
Dominant Traits Discipline and commitment
One word to sum you up? Reliable



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