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IT Help Desk & Support

IT Executives want access to immediate language support to deliver responsive customer experiences.

To accomplish this, they employ The Hello Co.

Helpdesk & Support
IT Help - Challenge
The problem clients face

The Challenge

Technology Executives understand that technical support is the backbone of a successful organisation.

They also understand it takes on average over 30 minutes to resolve customer facing IT incidents and requests. Add the requirement to provide language support into the mix, this has a material impact on the efficacy of IT operations.

how we fix it

The Solution

IT Executives employ The Hello Co. to tackle an extensive array of IT Service Desk challenges with efficiency and scale. Through our immediate language assistance, we make certain that Tech and Support teams are fully equipped to meet their customers' needs, achieving first contact resolution consistently.

Our skilled interpreters are on hand to guide Technology and Help Desk Staff through a variety of tasks, from password changes and account access issues to VPN troubleshooting and beyond.

We provide a swift, customised service for our clients and their customers, ensuring access to premier language support around the clock, every day of the year.

Helpdesk - Solution
IT Help - Result
outcomes we deliver

The Results

Our clients and their customers experienced significantly shorter wait times to be connected to interpreters across 315 languages. There was also a significant reduction in call abandonment, and an uplift in positive feedback due to our quality assurance program. Most importantly, our clients achieved significant cash releasing benefits. 

For the brands below, all have realised material, measurable benefits including an 87% improvement in connect times and a 38% reduction in costs.


Numbers that Sealed the Deal

Connect time to an interpreter

0 secs

Connect time to an interpreter

Requests serviced on demand


All requests serviced on demand



Savings on an annualised basis

customer success

Where We Work

We work closely with IT companies to support their global IT Help Desk Operations with rapid language assistance.

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