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Multimedia Localisation

Multimedia support for any digital format in over 300 languages.

Multimedia Localisation
Multimedia  - Localisation
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Localise your digital assets.

When you need talent for your multimedia or for updating your organisation’s IVRs, look no further.

Our platform makes it a breeze converting your content into over 300 languages.

All file formats supported.

voice talent FOR professional productions

Professional Voiceovers.

This process involves leveraging multilingual voice talent to record dialogues tailored for films, TV series, documentaries, announcements, or commercials, all seamlessly integrated during the post-production phase.

Our seasoned team boasts vast expertise in collaborating with both talent agencies and sound engineering/production entities, ensuring the delivery of premium voiceovers for your forthcoming project.

Multimedia  - Voiceovers
Multimedia - IVR
voice talent FOR IVRS

IVR Voiceovers.

This process involves our multilingual voice talents (interpreters) creating customised IVR prompts and messages in the desired language for integration into your Telephony IVR Menus. This allows your customers to effortlessly navigate and self-serve during their calls to your organisation.

Leveraging our extensive experience, our team excels in forging strong partnerships with leading talent agencies and top-tier sound engineering and production companies. This collaboration guarantees the creation of superior-quality voiceovers tailored for your next project.

video content localisation

Video Subtitling.

Leveraging your SRT or VTT files, we're capable of translating your video content in just 30 seconds.

Following this rapid translation, our team of seasoned linguists embarks on a meticulous quality assurance process. During this critical phase, we preview the subtitles as they will appear to your audience, ensuring that the translation not only aligns perfectly with the original video content but also maintains its integrity and coherence.

This rigorous review process guarantees that the final subtitles are both accurate and harmonised with your video, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. Once perfected, we promptly deliver the polished product back to you, ready for publication.

Multimedia- Subtitling
DISCOVER FOR YOURSELF Multimedia Localisation Effortlessly and affordably localise your digital assets and multimedia using our  localisation technology platform.

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