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Multilingual Self-Serve IVRs

Empower your migrant customers to serve themselves and reach you faster and in-language.

Multilingual Self-Service IVRs
IVR - Help customers help themselves
power to the people

Help your customers serve themselves.

Today’s consumers have high expectations for a great experience from the brands they choose to buy from.

Your job is to build better in-language experiences for your customers with self-service IVRs which empower customers to manage their own needs.

That's where we step in.

the mechanics

How it works.

Our Multilingual Self-Service IVRs allow your migrant customers to control their own service experience independently in over 300 languages.

With our self-service IVRs, your customers can manage their needs in their language of choice, with 24/7 accessibility to interpreter support, if needed.

Our solution is white labelled meaning you're able to fully customise and brand your Multilingual Self-Service IVR.

IVRs - how it works
IVR - Solutioning

Customised for your needs.

Our TechOps Team will design your IVRs based on your configuration and branding requirements, which is hosted in our environment.

Depending on what your business requirements are, we help build solutions for maximum efficiency and IVR containment leading to a positive customer experience.

an interpreter is just a click away

Interpreter Integration.

Our phone interpreting service is embedded into your IVR for call escalation requirements so that your customer can connect with you if call containment within your Multilingual Self-Service IVR is not possible.

IVR - Interpreter Integration
IVR - Digital Integration
digital capabilities

Supercharge your branded Multilingual Self-Service IVRs.

We provide Click to Call for clients that wish to embed specific phone numbers on digital assets or want to integrate into visual IVRs.

Our solution also supports CRM integration, Account-based task/action processing, Integrated interpreter support, Interpreter Callback API, Customer Identification and Payment Gateways.


Need a better way to communicate effortlessly with your diverse customers?

DISCOVER FOR YOURSELF Self-Service Multilingual IVRs Discover how our Self-Service IVRs drive greater engagement and empowerment for migrant customers.