Multilingual Multimedia

Multimedia support for any digital format in over 300 languages.

Localize your digital assets

When you need talent for your multimedia or for updating your organization’s IVRs, look no further. Our platform makes it a breeze converting your content into over 300 languages.

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Professional Voiceovers

A production technique where multilingual talent records dialogue for use in a film, TV show, documentary, announcement, or commercial during the post-production process.

IVR Voiceovers

A process where multilingual talent (interpreters) records IVR prompts and/or information in the target language for use in your Telephony IVR Menus which helps customers self-serve when they call your organization.

Video subtitling

By using your SRT or VTT files, we can translate your videos in 30 seconds.

We’re then able to quality check the translated subtitles with our team of professional linguists. As we’re going through the final vetting process, we view how your subtitles will look to viewers ensuring the final output is consistent with the original video file.This way, we make sure the translation is accurate and in sync with the video before we publish it and provide it back to you.

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