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Language Support Automation

Integrations and Open APIs available to optimise how your organisation engages and utilises language solutions.

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improve employee experience and reduce costs

Reduce overheads and streamline access

In today's dynamic business landscape, companies seek innovative solutions to boost efficiency and performance across procurement, processes, and productivity.

Our suite of APIs unlocks significant financial benefits, enhancing your organisation's competitive advantage.

Designed for optimisation, our API solutions reduce overheads and simplify access to services, improving both employee and customer satisfaction — the key to success. These APIs streamline operations, automate tasks, and offer real-time language support, meeting your unique business challenges.


Video Interpreting API

Harness the power of seamless communication by integrating our Video Interpreting API into your existing business and communication platforms. This revolutionary tool is designed to bridge language barriers in real-time, ensuring that you can connect with interpreters instantly, without any delay. 

Our API is crafted with simplicity and efficiency in mind, making it incredibly easy to integrate into your current systems with minimal disruption. Once installed, accessing professional interpreters is as straightforward as clicking a button. This instant connection to interpreters not only streamlines communication but also enhances the quality of your interactions, fostering better understanding and collaboration across languages.

Automation - C2C Video
Automation - C2C Phone

Telephone Interpreting API

Struggling with long wait times across your internal queues?

Revolutionise your customer service with our Telephone Interpreting API.

Seamlessly connect customers to agents at the right moment, enhanced by our automated call back API to overcome language barriers. This ensures a smooth, efficient, and inclusive interaction in any language, eliminating the frustration of traditional customer service delays.

Our API not only boosts operational efficiency but also signifies your commitment to inclusivity and satisfaction, guaranteeing swift, direct connections and meaningful communication in customers’ native languages. Elevate your service, making every customer feel valued and heard with our innovative, customer-focused solution.

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Book an Interpreter API

Unlock the full potential of your customer management systems by integrating our Book an Interpreter API.

This powerful API enables you to effortlessly book an interpreter directly from your business systems, ensuring a seamless and efficient process that keeps you firmly in the driver's seat. 

As soon as you request an interpreter, our system springs into action, providing you with continuous updates on the booking's progress, current status, and job number, among other crucial details.

This means you're always fully informed about every aspect of the booking process without ever needing to navigate away from your own system. Imagine the convenience and time savings, all while maintaining the high level of service your clients expect.

Automation - BookAnInterpreter
Automation - Workflow
    process automation

Workflow Automation API

Designed with your needs in mind, our Workflow Automation API provides a seamless, end-to-end solution that integrates effortlessly into your existing systems. From scheduling management, supply management (integrated Click-2-Call Phone and Video Interpreting) and robust financial management including reconciliation, our API streamlines every step of the process.

With our Workflow Automation API, you can focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences while we take care of the complexities of process management associated with language services. Transform your operations today and experience the future of language service management.


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Don't take our word for it.

"The impact of these APIs on our business has been nothing short of remarkable - elevating our productivity to new heights and ushering in significant cost reductions. Our finance department, in particular, has seen a dramatic decrease in overhead expenses, translating into substantial savings."

National Business Operations Manager, APM