Face-2-Face Interpreting

Deliver highly nuanced and personalised customer experiences with F2F interpreters

By your side

When meeting with your customers, you need a partner by your side who understands the intent and technical requirements of your conversations.

Our Face-2-Face interpreters bring decades of experience with them to handle your conversations with impartiality and sensitivity.

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Being able to communicate freely is something we all take for granted. People need compassion and understanding given they don't speak the common tongue.

That's what our interpreters bring to the table.

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CX Insights & Business Intelligence

No longer do you have to wonder how your vendor is performing.

We give you the tools and insights necessary to understand all you need to know about consumption trending and analysis.

More importantly, vendor management became a whole lot easier with our BI SLA reporting dashboards which keeps everyone accountable.

Workflows supported

We believe it's our job to support how your organisation wants to consume and use language services. That's why we offer multiple workflows to support your operational objectives.

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Connect API

Our Connect API delivers interpreters natively into your workflows and systems.

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