Content Localization API

Accelerate issue resolution, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce your cost to serve.

Digital language support at your customer's fingertips.

Fast and easy to implement, our Content Localization API allows you accelerate issue resolution, increase customer satisfaction, and support your organization reduce its cost to serve.

Which content to translate?

Think about what’s important to your customer and you.

Forms of correspondence, communications, product and/or price promotions, bills, statements or product information or disclosure statements.

It’s all relevant and critical content.

And your customers need it. In their own language.

Static vs. Dynamic content

We know you will have static content that only needs to be translated once. We also know that there will be dynamic content that is time, price or customer specific. That’s why our API can be deployed as a hybrid solution which uses a blend of static and dynamic content delivered in language on a transactional basis ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Our APIs securely talk to
your platform

Once you've identified what content you want localized, our TechOps team will work with your team to provision our solution for your outbound customer communications.

Our Content Localization API is secure and independent of your systems. They never touch your data.

Personally identifiable information (PII) is kept secure and never enters the public domain. It lives in your environment – not ours.

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