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Auslan Interpreting

Enhance accessibility for your customers with hearing difficulties using our Auslan interpreting solutions.

Auslan - the facts

The impact of deafness.

An estimated 20% of Australians experience varying levels of hearing loss, with one out of every thousand newborns facing significant hearing challenges from birth.

The Australian Deaf Community embraces Auslan as their primary language, highlighting the necessity of its recognition and use. Lip reading, often perceived as an alternative, is fraught with inaccuracies and heavily dependent on context, successfully interpreting only about 30% of spoken words.

Additionally, navigating written English presents considerable difficulties for some individuals who are Deaf, underscoring the complexity and uniqueness of their experiences. Importantly, it's critical to understand that deafness and hearing impairment are distinct, each with its own set of challenges and needs.


The benefits of working with Auslan Interpreters. 

Ensuring everyone has equal access to essential services, like healthcare, is a fundamental right that bridges communication gaps, impacting health and well-being significantly. Incorporating Auslan interpreters fulfills this societal duty, allowing every individual, regardless of hearing ability, to access information and make informed decisions without barriers.

Confidence in communication is key to building trust and respect between professionals and their deaf clients, highlighting the critical role of skilled interpreters in promoting meaningful conversations and an inclusive environment.

Certified interpreters are crucial for meeting legal obligations, ensuring informed consent, and maintaining communication integrity, thereby protecting the rights of deaf individuals and the professionals' ethical standards.

Ultimately, Auslan interpreters ensure information is accurately conveyed, preserving communication's integrity and supporting favorable outcomes in healthcare, legal matters, and any precision-requiring interactions, emphasising the importance of every voice being heard and understood.


Auslan - benefits
Auslan - all platforms

Auslan available across all video platforms.

Given the diversity in our clients' technology stacks, we support all video conferencing platforms to deliver video interpreting. Our solutions are accessible both as applications and directly on the web, ensuring flexibility across devices - be it mobile phones or tablets.

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